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Mahalo Nui to Organizers, Sponsors, and Participants, Who Helped to Make This Year's Conference a Success.

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March 26, 2019
Prince Kuhio Day

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Kamehameha Schools - Kea‘au
Hā‘aeamahi Dinning Hall



Last update: 3/21/2019

The Ha‘akoa Conference offers a meaningful, traditional, and participatory event that allows attendees to be immersed in a Native Hawaiian cultural practice, belief, perspective, and history.  Practice of the Ha‘akoa provides engaging and meaningful opportunities to strengthen the well-being, cohesion, and sense of place in a Native Hawaiian community and among Native Hawaiians.  A website (, an integral component of the Conference will be created and remain viable in perpetuity.  Through the website, the entire Lāhui will be able to learn and benefit from the Ha‘akoa for current and future generation.


Event:           The Second Decennial Ha‘akoa Conference


                        Today’s Innovations - Tomorrow’s Traditions

                        The manaʻo here is to establish a cultural protocol that current cultural exchanges and venues are seeking.  One with cultural
                        integrity that can be learned and demonstrated by all.  It is important to be culturally competent here, because in time, what may
                        be considered a cultural innovation today, may become a cultural tradition tomorrow.

Date:             Prince Kuhio Day, March 26, 2019 - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Location:     Kamehameha Schools - Kea‘au
                        16-714 Volcano Rd, Kea‘au, HI 96749

                        William Charles Lunalilo Center      

Ha‘akoa Defined: 

                        Ha‘a = low bent knee dance while Koa = Warrior, as such, the term Ha‘a Koa literally means the low bent knee dance of the
                        warrior.  Accordingly, Ha‘akoa does not refer to any specific dance, but to a style of dance that is low to the ground, and ho‘o
                        koa warrior like) in ‘ike (look, feel, sound, and spirit). 

                        The Ha‘akoa is an important traditional cultural protocol that celebrates Hawaii’s proud warrior heritage and the virtues of
                        strength and honor.  A protocol that can be used to unify and empower kānaka to take on a difficult task; honor an esteemed
                        individual, place, or event; or advocate for a pono cause.  A protocol that can benefit the Lāhui in many different ways and at
                        many different levels, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Goal:             To perpetuate the culturally competent practice of the Ha‘a Koa to benefit the Lāhui.

Target Audience:
                        Kānaka, and especially those who belong to organizations that may benefit from incorporating the Ha‘akoa into their
                        respective hui.

Projected Attendance:
                        150 kānaka

Cost:             Conference attendance will be free and open to the community.  Limited seating, registration required, lunch will be provided

Initiatives:   The following initiatives will be implemented to optimize Conference goals:

                        (1)  Develop and launch a dedicated website (


                        (2)  Present the 2nd Decennial Ha‘a Koa Conference

                        (3)  Teach Conference attendees the Ha‘akoa, Eia Hawai‘i


Ha‘akoa Eia Hawai‘i:
                        Eia Hawai‘i is an ancient 12th century oli with mana and presence. 
                        The Royal Order of Kamehameha, Est. 1865, commissioned the creation
                        of a Ha‘akoa utilizing the words of Eia Hawai‘i.  In 2018 the Order
                        proclaimed the Ha‘akoa, Eia Hawai‘i, a makana to the Lāhui for its use and

                        Developed and launched in conjunction with the Ha‘akoa Conference, the  website ( will have four primary       


                        (1)  Promote the Ha‘akoa Conference, all marketing efforts for the Conference will point to the website for additional information
                        and to register for event.


                        (2)  Act as a Ha‘akoa educational resource with information on the history, benefits, need, and modern day applications of the 

                        Ha‘akoa.  This will also include the development of guidelines and criteria to help kānaka create their own culturally competent
                        Ha‘akoa moving forward.  

                        (3)  Teach an exemplary Ha‘akoa called Eia Hawai‘i.  This will be facilitated by educational and how-to-instructional-videos that

                        will be available on the website.  Those registering for the Conference will be invited to start learning the words and movements
                        of Eia Hawai‘i from the website.  This will help maximize the limited time available to learn Eia Hawai‘i at the Conference.

                        (4)  Feature the Ha‘akoa Conference.  The Conference will be professionally recorded and edited, including the Eia Hawai‘i
                        workshop.  In this way, those that  did not have the opportunity to attend the Conference, will still be able to benefit from this

Residual Benefits:

               will act to preserve and perpetuate the Ha‘akoa.  The site will be updated as needed to keep the site viable and                                relevant.  The site will share knowledge and understanding, including current events relative to the Ha‘akoa.  The Eia Hawai‘i
                        training videos along with a video copy of the Ha‘a Koa Conference will continue to act as a resource for those who would like
                        to know more about the Ha‘akoa in general and learn Eia Hawai‘i in particular.  In perpetuating the cultural protocol of the                                     Ha‘akoa, will benefit kānaka and the Lāhui for current and future generations.


Partner Organizations:       
                        Presented by: The Royal Order of Kamehameha, Est. 1865 with the support of the following organizations:  

                                  Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Est. 1978

                                  Kamehameha Schools, Est. 1887

                                  Hale Mua Cultural Group, Est. 2006

                                  Kukulu Cultural Resources for Organizations, Est. 2009
                                  ‘Ahahui Ha‘akoa, Est. 2007


2019 Ha'akoa

Post-Conference Summary

(1)  Ha‘akoa may be used as identity modifiers for the Hawaiian culture.  Icons of the culture, similar to the Haka that has become an identity modifier for the Maori culture.

(2)  Ha‘akoa are not merely dances and cultural protocols, but a philosophy and way of life.  When you are doing something positive for yourself, community, or Lāhui, against opposition, you are doing and practicing Ha‘akoa.


(3)  There are real benefits to the practice of Ha‘akoa, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

(4)  Ha‘akoa may be used to unify and strengthen an individual, group, community, or L
āhui, and should be delivered with a positive energy with the intent to inspire and empower.  Today's Ha‘akoa should represent warriors of light and not darkens.

(5)  It is important to practice and perpetuate the Ha‘akoa today with cultural competence and integrity, because what may be considered a cultural innovation today may be considered a cultural tradition within 3 generations (75 years).

(6)  Individuals and segments of the Hawaiian community continue to fear the Ha
This fear is based a on lack of cultural competence.  To address this fear, of the unknown, continued education is needed regarding the history, use, and benefits, of the practice of Ha

 2019 Ha‘akoa Conference

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