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Unity and Empowerment 

Potential Applications of the Ha‘akoa Today:


Note:  The Faceless Enemy Philosophy

Ha‘akoa are referred to as dances of the warrior because they are protocols that will unify and empower an individual or group relative to a battle at hand.  The battle is the process to overcome whatever the challenge or obstacle may be.  The Enemy (Challenge) in the battle may include, but not be limited to:  ourselves, others, governments, false doctrine, or unrighteousness in high places.  The message and intent of Ha‘akoa are not to harm, but to show unity and commitment to overcome the Enemy (Challenge).  The energy and ferocity of Ha‘akoa chants and movements symbolize how the Enemy (Challenge) will be dismantled, overcome and defeated.  

I.  Unify and Empower

Ha‘akoa are important cultural protocols that celebrate Hawaii’s proud warrior heritage and the virtues of strength and honor.  Protocols that may be used to unify and empower kānaka to take on a difficult task; honor an esteemed individual, place, or event; or advocate for a pono cause.  Also see Philosophy.

II.  Tool for Change

Ha‘akoa may be used as a means of expressing frustration at the laws,  policies, or direction of governments, entities, and the powers that be.   As such, Ha‘akoa may be used as a cultural rallying cry.  Hawaiian activism at the community, state and national level is ongoing.  There is rarely a day without Hawaiian rights being challenged and Hawaiian views being voiced.  Ha‘akoa can be used to focus attention on issues affecting Hawaiians today and show the depth, unity, and commitment of kānaka to promote change.  

III.  Manifestation of Mana

Mana is the driving force of Kanaka Maoli.  Ha‘akoa are one method to pull Mana from the honua (earth) and our kāpuna.  It fills the body and flows out to all around. It inspires, empowers, and promotes forward motion in both participants and spectators.

IV.  Way to Reconnect

 Ha‘akoa are not merely adrenaline boosts or simple displays of emotion, they are both a remembrance of who we were and an awakening of who we are.  They takes us back, if only for a moment, and reconnect us to the spirit of our warrior ancestors.

V.  New Hawaiian Icon

Ha‘akoa celebrate a dimension of the Hawaiian culture that has been absent for too long, the strong masculine Hawaiian kāne.  Ha‘akoa can be that symbol and icon of our proud warrior heritage that continues today.

VI.  Restore Balance and Harmony

Ha‘akoa can help rise the masculine Kū energy and restore balance between the feminine Hina energy prevalent in Hawai i today.

VII.  Greetings and Farewell

Ha‘akoa honor our culture and our warrior kūpuna.  To share this aspect of our culture with an individual or hui is a sign of great respect and honor.  An appropriate application here may include the sharing of Ha‘akoa as a welcome and or farewell protocol with visitors, honored guest, or someone returning or leaving home from/for a far place.

VIII.  Pre-Competition Protocol
Ha‘akoa can unify and empower a team for competitions.  Ha‘akoa that celebrate who a team is and speaks of their strength and skills, does not in and of itself intimidate or disrespect the opposition nor is it designed to do so.  However, when delivered with unity, power, and mana, Ha‘akoa may very well dishearten and intimidate the opposition.  

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