Preserving and Perpetuating the Hawaiian Haʻakoa  

We exist to ensure that the knowledge and practice of   Haʻakoa are preserved and perpetuated for current and future generations.
We will act to educate, teach, be a resource, and promote the practice of Haʻakoa throughout the Lāhui.
The Haʻakoa will inspire and empower kānaka to be true modern-day warriors, by being strong, staying humble and living pono.   

ʻAhahui Haʻakoa - Initiative:  

2007 - ʻAhahui Haʻakoa (AH), is established by kānaka dedicated to the perpetuation of the Haʻakoa.

2008 - AH creates Haʻakoa Kohola.

2008 - AH facilitates the 2008 Haʻakoa Conference at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

2008 - AH facilitates a series of workshops on Haʻakoa Kohola at the Hilo High School.

2010 - AH presents on Haʻakoa at the ʻAha Kāne Conference, Windward Community College, Oahu.

2018 - AH creates Haʻakoa Eia Hawaiʻi as commissioned by the Royal Order of Kamehameha, Māmalahoa.

2019 - AH develops guidelines to help kānaka haku their own Haʻakoa as needed, see guidelines.

2019 - AH creates haakoa.com to advance its purpose, mission, and vision. 

2019 - AH collaborates with the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Māmalahoa, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs
           (OHA), and Kamehameha Schools, in the presentation of the 
2019 Haʻakoa Conference held at
           Kamehameha Schools, Keaʻau.

2019 - Under the auspices of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Māmalahoa, AH releases 3-videos
Haʻakoa Eia Hawaiʻi (one presentation, and two tutorial videos).

202? - AH hopes to conduct workshops on the neighbor islands to promote and perpetuate the Haʻakoa, dates
           to be determined.

Moving forward:​

  1. AH will partner with organizations to educate of and perpetuate the Haʻakoa.

  2. AH will maintain and update the haakoa.com website as needed.

  3. AH will act to present Haʻakoa workshops.

  4. AH will act to present Haʻakoa Conferences.

  5. AH will act to present Haʻakoa competitions.

  6. AH will promote Eia Hawaiʻi, as an exemplary Haʻakoa, that can benefit the Lāhui.

‘Ahahui Ha‘akoa is an association of kānaka dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the knowledge, understanding, and practice of Ha‘akoa.

Board of Directors:

          Kimo Alameda
imiʻāina Bourne
          David Heaukulani
          Kaleoʻokalani Ishibshi 
          Pua Ishibashi
Keala Kahuanui-paleka 
          Elijah Kal
ā McShane

America Representative:
          Aaron Kaho

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